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Saturday, 1 September 2018


Hello again! I have been inspired by fashion week here in Auckland and it's events (post coming soon!), and I am back to the blogging scene. I will for sure be active over on instagram (@averyhuiacreative), so enjoy what is to come here and over there & thank you for reading x

top - h&m
pants - h&m
sunglasses - glassons
scrunchie - h&m

what i have been....

eating - mexican (I'm obsessed)
drinking - iced white choc mocha
listening to - bruno major
wearing - funky pants, lots of jumpers, colours!!
doing - school work, work from school, work at home for school, workschool
loving - simple bases with feature pieces (applies to anything), salt lamps !!!, fashion week
watching - the block nz, the good place, the fashion fund
reading - turtles all the way down, it - alexa chung
trying to do - more cooking, meditating
beginning - making my own clothes

love always,
avery xxx

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music lovin

Tuesday, 1 May 2018


I thought as a first proper post in such a long time I would share with you the music I am listening to at the moment because I am loving it all & thought some of you might too. I have heaps of big playlists on Spotify and these are some from all over, so feel free to go and check it out, enjoy xx

love, Avery x 

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Hello and welcome back, to whoever may be reading this.

I am so sorry for the major lack of posting for so many months and shying away from this blog I have created. I am in my second year of NCEA and amongst that and so many other things, blogging has taken the backseat, which I feel awfully about.

I am using this blog more freely now, I am such a perfectionist and thought that nothing should be on here if it isn't my best work, and that is true to an extent, but not to the point when I didn't think anything was good enough. I am going to blog what I love and when I like to, and I hope that you all enjoy more chilled out content, with heaps more visuals coming e.g mood boards and wallpapers :)

Have a bright + happy day,
Avery x

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