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random current inspo/faves

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Hey ! :)

Pretty random but I just had a sudden urge to do a little blog post of something random but something with no pressure, that I probably won't post about and don't need to stress over - blogging for me, how it started and how it should have gone on ! hopefully I can find time to keep popping up little posts like this one :)

Since my mood in relation to style and art is ever changing, I thought I'd do a few little mood boards of current faves :)

Art wise, I have been loving intricate watercolour and detailed collage style surrealism work and lots of imaginative scenes and the use of colour and pattern ! I am taking photography again this year and want to include some of this in my final board which will be exciting!

Fashion wise, I am always changing it up based on my mood, but I am loving sweet, pretty little dresses with big shoes or tiny blouses with a staple jean and sneaker! I am so excited for winter fashion !!! Also have become obsessed with midi skirts, they are SO easy to wear and go with anything, making you look so put together and chic. Loving Ashley (@bestdressed)'s style, as well as Claudia Sulewski's ! I am taking my wardrobe in a more basic way, with cute pieces to match with great staples, mainly in white, black and denim with other blue tones and it is exciting me a lot !!

I hope you enjoy this little update, I'll try pop up some photos of my room currently for anyone who stumbles upon this to have a look at!

Lots of love and warm wishes, Avery x

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Saturday, 1 September 2018


Hello again! I have been inspired by fashion week here in Auckland and it's events (post coming soon!), and I am back to the blogging scene. I will for sure be active over on instagram (@averyhuiacreative), so enjoy what is to come here and over there & thank you for reading x

top - h&m
pants - h&m
sunglasses - glassons
scrunchie - h&m

what i have been....

eating - mexican (I'm obsessed)
drinking - iced white choc mocha
listening to - bruno major
wearing - funky pants, lots of jumpers, colours!!
doing - school work, work from school, work at home for school, workschool
loving - simple bases with feature pieces (applies to anything), salt lamps !!!, fashion week
watching - the block nz, the good place, the fashion fund
reading - turtles all the way down, it - alexa chung
trying to do - more cooking, meditating
beginning - making my own clothes

love always,
avery xxx

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music lovin

Tuesday, 1 May 2018


I thought as a first proper post in such a long time I would share with you the music I am listening to at the moment because I am loving it all & thought some of you might too. I have heaps of big playlists on Spotify and these are some from all over, so feel free to go and check it out, enjoy xx

love, Avery x 

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