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Fudge Hair Mask: Review - Avery Huia

Thursday, 2 April 2015


lately my hair has been really dry and frizzy and not that shiny, so i went out on the search for a hydrating mask, and i came across one by the brand fudge. this brand is said to be amazing, and although i have never tried a product before this one, my mum has tried some, like their dry shampoo. the one that i have is called the dynamite treatment hydrating hair drink with guarana for tortured hair.

to use this mask, it says to wet your hair in the shower, and then massage a small amount through your hair, then put on a shower cap and leave for five or so minutes. i don't always do this, sometimes i use it as a conditioner but massage it in more, then rinse out.

when i first tried this i was amazed! even before my hair had dried, i could tell it was so much smoother and silkier. after it had dried i couldn't stop brushing and stroking my hair because it felt so nice (wow that sounds weird ahah). i am so impressed with this and would recommend it to anyone whose hair is dry, frizzy and not feeling so great.

i got this from just cuts, but would be available from most hairdressers or haircare stores. it was $24 and so worth it! i will definitely be using this again!

i hope you enjoyed!
lots of love from avery huia xxx

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