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What's in my Shower - Avery Huia

Thursday, 9 April 2015


so today i thought i'd do something a bit different and show you what i keep inside my shower. i haven't seen this before and i hope you guys like it!

in the shower caddy, i have my simple face wash, my fudge hair mask and a victoria's secret smoothing body scrub in mango temptation/ i also have a glazed apple soap from the body shop, and the olive tree shower gel from lush, plus my razor. i love all of these products and they all work really well, except i am finding the shower gel a bit drying, but i want to give it more time. 

i would recommend either the simple face wash or the fudge hair mask, the highest, because these two both make the longest lasting difference on me, and i feel they are definitely both worth buying. 

on the bottom of the shower, there is a frank scrub in original, my shampoo and conditioner from sunsilk, and behind the loofa, there is an almost empty shower jelly from lush. i really love the feeling of my skin and hair  after i have used these, they always make me feel soft, and smell really good! 

i hope you enjoyed this
lots of love from avery huia xxx

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