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Skincare Favourites - Avery Huia

Saturday, 23 May 2015


in this post i will be showing you some of my favourite skincare products. i don't really have a routine, but the products in the photos are in order of use. i really like all of these products and i find that they work really well on my skin.

in the shower, i use the simple triple action face wash, and then when i'm out, i use the garnier micellar water, clean and clear toner, clinique moisturiser, and then the body shop body butter in pink grapefruit. i use the body shop vitamin c refreshing face mist about twice a day, and the lush catastrophe cosmetic about once a week. i really love all of these, but if i had to pick a top three, i'd pick the micellar water, because it is a three in one and really easy to apply and does a great job. then i'd pick the clinique moisturiser because it is so moisturising and feels really good on, and it will last a very long time because you only need one or two pea sized pumps to cover your whole face. lastly i'd go for the body shop mist, because it is energising and it makes you feel really awake and also smells great too! 

these are all overall really amazing products and i would recommend all of them. i have normal to combination skin, so this selection would be good for most people :) 

i hope you enjoyed!
lots of love from avery huia xxx

email: averyhuiasblog@gmail.com

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