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summer lookbook - Avery Huia

Tuesday, 27 October 2015


In NZ we are finally heading into some warmer weather,  and I am so excited for summer fashion! I love the style, colours and how easy it is to pop on an outfit after the beach or before going to the beach with togs on underneath! I have put together four outfits that I will definitely be wearing this summer!

the first outfit is for slightly cooler nights, and I have paired these white jeans (here) from Glasssons with one of my favourite tops (which is no longer available :( ) from Huffer. I love this combination and I think it would be perfect for a dinner out or and evening event. 

this dress is from RPM, you can find it here and I love it so so much. The colours are not too dark, and the material is really nice and lightweight, and the cut is perfect. This would be great for Christmas Day, any family events or a party! 

this is more of a casual day outfit, and if you have seen my latest key item post (here) where I talk about stripes and denim, you would know that I love the combination. It is very casual and versatile, and I love how simple it is! My top and shorts are both from Glassons, you can find them here, and here. 

this playsuit is definitely going to be my go to beach cover up, and I love the colours and pattern of it! It goes with nearly all of my shoes, and can easily be dressed up or down. It is from Rusty, (which is also no longer available)  and it is one of my favourite summer pieces. 

all of these items are stunning, and I recommend all of them! I hope you got some inspiration from this, and if you are in the northern hemisphere and going into winter, take a look at my winter fashion post (here)

love from avery huia x 

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