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Saturday, 9 January 2016


so today I have a super duper exciting post, and I will be sharing with you three phone wallpapers that I have made and designed myself! please note that these are for personal use only! To download these, simple tap and hold (ios device) or right click (desktop)

1 -hello
I really like this one and the different sizes ect. I think this is really nice and basic and looks good when I use it as my phone's background!


2 - smiley sunshine
I thought this one was super cute and happy. When this one is my wallpaper, I feel really motivated and positive!

3 - love what you do 
I love this quote so much and I added some cute scalloping around the top and bottom! I like how this one has a black background, and I don't usually have black backgrounds, but this one changed my mind! 


I hope you like these wallpapers! I am definitely going to be doing more things like this in the future so hopefully you like them! Make sure to follow me on instagram for sneak peaks of upcoming posts and so you can suggest posts that you want to see - @averyhuiasblog x

love from avery huia x 

email - averyhuiasblog@gmail.com

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