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Relaxing Tips for Bedtime - Avery Huia

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Hello there!

Before bed, I like to relax so I get a good night's sleep, and I thought that you might need some tips on how to wind down :)

First I usually run a bath with something from Lush in it weather it be a bath bomb or a bubble bar, just something fun and sweet smelling, but I'm not saying this has to be from Lush. Once I'm in, I like to read a book or just lie back and close my eyes.

Once I'm out of the bath, I put some lukewarm water into a mug, and sit a Sleepy time teabag in with camomile inside. Then I take it down to my room and read for a bit. At the moment I am reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, but sometimes I read through Lush catalouges and plan my next trip or things that I could try.

I try and stay off electronics for half an hour before I go to bed, and aside from reading, I like to tidy my room or stretch. Then I turn off the lights and lie back and sip my tea, then fall asleep.

Lots of Love Avery Huia xxx

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