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Review: Sunbeam Smoothie Blender - Avery Huia

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Hey guys!

Recently my family has purchased a long awaited blender! The one we previously had was so old, nobody knew how to use it. Strolling through in Farmers, I saw they were having a sale. As we were nearing the appliance section, I remembered how much I would love to have one! So I told my mum, and we went to find one that would do the job, and be reasonably priced. We settled on the one that caught my eye, a bright orange one.

It came with two reusable, portable bottles, and you simply put the ingredients in, attached the blade, while putting the lid on the bottom, lock it in and you are good to go! We tried it for the first time today, and it was amazing!

We had a blueberry and mango smoothie, and as first timers, we made it a tad too thick, but it was still delicious all the same!

If you are looking into getting one I would seriously recommend this one, as it is so easy to use!

Here's the link!: Sunbeam Blender

The photos that I got weren't the best quality, so I found a few online that were of the same thing, but with a slightly different base.

 Hope you enjoyed! Much love x x x
Avery Huia <3

instagram: @averyhuiasblog
email: averyhuiasblog@gmail.com

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