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A Trip To Topshop! - Avery Huia

Saturday, 14 March 2015


As you may or may not know, Topshop came to Auckland last Thursday. I had been wanting to go ever since I found out that it was coming and while we were in town, went went to some of my favourite stores and we picked up a few things. I was really impressed at the size and some of the cool displays inside and I was lucky enough to pick up a few pieces aswell.

At Lush, a bath bomb that I had wanted for a really long time, but everytime I went into a Lush, they didn't have it, was in stock! Yay! This bomb is called Dragon's Egg, and is creamy white with little coloured circles inside, and I think it will be really pretty when I use it.

I got some Freedom by Topshop scrunchies as you can never have too many, and a soft ballet slipper pink nail polish. 

I have wanted some jeans with rips in the knees for a while, and I found a pair at Wild Pair. They are by the brand JunkFood and they are so comfy and perfect! They will be great for winter, as I have grown out my other jeans. At Cotton On Body, I found a soft and cosy dressing gown, perfect for winter and I love it!

Finally, at Topshop I found two tops and a jumper. The first top (left) is a navy blue ribbed long sleeve crop top, and this fits so well on me and is really comfortable and the material is such good quality! The second top (right) is quite a fancy top with a really cool pattern, and the material on this feels really nice too! Lastly the jumper (middle) is a kind of cropped sweater, coming just above the waist of my jeans, and the top part is a corally pinkish colour and the neck and cuffs are mustard yellow, and the body is marbled grey. This jumper is so comfy and really cool and I love the look and cut of it. 

I'm really happy with all of my purchases at the moment, and they have created some really cool staples for winter, because I've grown since last winter, and I don't fit some of last years items. 

i hope you enjoyed!
much love x x x 
avery huia <3

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