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new bed / room makeover / before and after - avery huia

Wednesday, 17 June 2015


okay, i know i have recently done a room tour, but that was kind of a before, and this is the after! in the last few days, i have changed my room heaps, for example i got a new queen bed  (omg!) , and changed my shelves, and got some new storage! here is my old room, and after you have read this post, you can compare with my old one!

my biggest and favourite change is my bed! i upsized from a single to a queen, and i love it so so so much. it is so comfy and i love the look of it compared to a single. the bedding is from aura home, the blue middle pillow from freedom, and the two euros and the little pillow in front, are both made by my mum. 

i am so happy that i finally changed the inside boxes in my shelves, and i really like looking at them now! i have put some little fake cacti in, a light up letter 'A', and lots of other little things in them.

i got some new boxes for the top of my shelving unit, and made some paper storage bags for my desk.

i decided to keep this area the same, but put the flowers in a mason jar.

i put a print from tales at sea next to my window, and stuck it up with some copper tape from kikki k.

i love my room so much, and i hope you got some inspiration or ideas from it!
lots of love - avery huia x

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