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gift guide 01 - avery huia

Tuesday, 7 July 2015


i thought it would be a good idea to make you a gift guide! I'm always stuck when it comes to present buying, so i thought this could help you out. this is specifically for a monochrome type of person, but i will be making this into a series for most types of people and colours etc!

the fragrant - loathe candle from crave home // i love the smell of this (mint chocolate) and it is very strong and would smell amazing when burning, and also looks really good!

the artist - bear print also from crave home // this is so cute and i love the geometric shapes. this would look amazing in a home, bedroom or living area and the colours are really versatile.

the sparkly - hexagon earrings from country road // these are so cute and really pretty, and earrings can really make outfits pop and look a lot classier, and they really tie in with things that also have silver hardware.

the style - cushion from country road // this is a really cool pattern and i love the lines and i think this would look so cool in a bedroom or even on a couch. it's very versatile, and i love it!

the sporty - top from nike // this top is really cool, and the look is very crisp and clean and would go with so many things, from casual outfits to sportswear. i think this looks so cool and is a staple item.

lots of love from avery huia x
email - averyhuiasblog@gmail.com
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