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tie dying! - avery huia

Saturday, 4 July 2015


this weekend, my friend Natalia and I decided to tie dye some tops. we went to the warehouse and got the Tulip powder tie dye kit with neon colours. it came with five colours and we found it really easy to use. we bought two white tops, and they were only $4 each, which was really good!

when we opened the kit, it came with five bottles, and they had powder in them, and they had gloves and rubber bands plus extra powder. make sure you put lots of newspaper down on the surface your are tie dying on.

each bottle has a fill line, and you fill it up to the line with water, and then shake until all of the powder has dissolved. then you choose what type of swirl or design you want, and then tie your top up with the bands. you then get the dyes and choose what colours you want to use and where.

once you are finished with the dye, then you wrap the top or whatever item you have used in glad wrap and leave it for 6-8 hours. after that you take off the glad wrap and rubber bands and then wash and dry it.

these are some socks i did as well!

unfortunately i didn't manage to get a swirl on my top, i think it was because i didn't put dye all the way through the whole top, but Natalia did! we are really happy with he way they came out and i will definitely be doing it again

lots of love from avery huia x

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