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diy plants are friends wooden sign - avery huia

Sunday, 6 September 2015


a few days ago, I saw a really cool diy that I wanted to make and share with you! it is a plants are friends wooden sign and it is a room decor piece and I love the way that it looks! 'plants are friends' photos, signs and shirts with it on are all over tumblr, and I thought that it looked really cool and would be fun to try out!

you will need -
+ 30cm wooden plank
+ white paint
+ black paint or
+ black vivid
+ 1 thin brush (for black paint) and 1 thick brush (white paint)
+ pencil
+ wire
+ hot glue gun/pva glue

first, paint the wooden plant white, and leave to dry for around an hour. once it is dry, lightly trace the words 'plants are friends' and draw out the cactus' or plants that you would like to have as well; I'd recommend finding a picture from tumblr with a layout that you like. once you are finished, draw over with a black vivid or sharpie or go over with paint if you want. turn it over, place the wire in a semi circle from the back of the board and over, to create a handle/hook, and hot glue the wire to the board when you are happy with the length/ size. leave the hot glue for about five minutes, and then hang from a nail or hook on your desired wall.

photo - left to right - what you need, painted wood, traced design

                     photo - left to right - vivid tracing, hot gluing wire

this is a really easy diy, and it looks really cool; I am so happy with how it turned out, it suits my room perfectly, and you can colour in the pots or plants to make it suit your room or style. I hope you all try out this, and if you do, please send me photos on instagram or post using the hashtag #averyhuiasdiy , I'd really love to see them!

lots of love from avery huia x

email - averyhuiasblog@gmail.com

instagram - @averyhuiasblog

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