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Happiness @ Kikki. K - Avery Huia

Friday, 22 April 2016


I hope you are all enjoying your day! Today's post is going to be about a Happiness Workshop that my friend and I attended at Kikki. K a few nights ago! We found out about it through the diary lovers club that they have if you own one of their diaries, and we were really excited to go! 

Kikki. K do lots of amazing workshops that cover a range of topics, like Happiness, Planning and DIY, to name a few! I really enjoyed going to it, and I will definitely be doing another one!

About 8 girls attended, and everyone received a Happiness Journal and a pen, which was part of the cost of the workshop. We worked through most pages in the journal, made lists and came up with ways that we could increase our happiness levels in our everyday lives! 

We talked about things that make us happy, as well as unhappy, and came up with ways that you can avoid being unhappy, and things to make you even happier. We had a really lovely host, and she showed us ways that she expresses her happiness, and things that she does to make her happy, using other books from the store, or making gorgeous mood boards and memory boards. 

The next day, my friend and I made a moodboard of our own in a page inside the journal, (photo below) and it was so much fun, and just looking at it makes me feel so happy. We learnt that happiness wasn't just a feeling, but a state, which made you feel like you were flourishing and growing constantly. There were some really great quotes and facts about happiness as well, one that stuck out to me was 'You can never have too much happy". Quotes like this are dotted all throughout the journal, and are all so cute!

After the workshop was over, we received a 10% off discount, and because I am a student, I got a further 10% off, so I had to go for it! The store is styled so beautifully, it is hard not to stay in there for hours, and even harder to decide what to buy, there are so many cute things!

I ended up buying a set of 12 pens, which we used to write with and I loved, some decoration tape with pretty clouds on it, and a book that I'm really excited about, which is called 'Go offline, be mindful' and I can't wait to use it; it has 135 activities that are all offline, and comes with a 30 day offline challenge, which I will start in May! 

    (my happiness moodboard) 

I had such a good time, they made it a really good experience, and I took a lot away from it! I will definitely be returning, and I highly recommend it!

lots of love, avery huia x

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  1. Hi Avery, it was so wonderful having you and your friend at the workshop. I am so glad you enjoyed it and hope you have been having fun with your journal! I love your 'happy vision board' page!!! I hope you are enjoying your Go Offline and Be Mindful book too. Keep warm and I hope to see you again at another workshop soon :) Michelle



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