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happy place

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Hello, I hope you are having the loveliest day! Today I am sharing with you a few snaps of my happy place, my bedroom! I, as you know, am always changing it up but I am loving the way it is looking now!

Above I have a shelf unit which lies above my bed, and I absolutely love it. You can customise the shelves and where they go and their height, and they are super strong so they hold quite a lot. I have put some plants and books and candles on them, as well as special pictures and the loveliest print, which I got here.

Above is a better look at my bed and shelving, as well as the shelves next to my bed, which I keep blankets, books and other little things. My bed is my favourite part of my room, and I have a lovely linen duvet, which you can get here. I also have some euro pillowcases from Zara and two fluffy ones and a little pink one, and I have some fairy lights strung across the bedhead.

This is my fave part of my room. I am always changing it up, usually every month as I can't keep a July calendar up for too long! I love deciding what colours to incorporate, at the moment I have a woody, monochrome with a dash of pink theme going on and I really like it. I make the calendar myself, and pin up pictures, quotes and little things like my pom pom earrings from Glassons and my little Iris Apfel pin from World. 

I hope you enjoyed this little insight on my room! 
love, avery x 

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