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Another Trip to Lush! - Avery Huia

Sunday, 5 April 2015

good morning/afternoon/evening!

today i went to lush (again) and i was in there for a long time, but came out with a few things that i really want to try,  and want to share with you!

i am a huge fan of lush, and love all of their products and i'm always looking for excuses to go in and buy things. when i went this time, i wanted to get some easter things, but the things i wanted has been sold out, luckily i found some other things that i'm really excited about!

whenever i go into lush i try to get at least one bath bomb or bubble bar etc, and this time i decided to get the very popular bomb 'big blue'. i have heard great things about this and in photos it always looks amazing and i am so excited to try it! it

i also got a shower gel called 'the olive branch' and it smells so good! it has olive oil, mandarin, bergamot oil and vine leaves and it is really refreshing and uplifting! i tried it today and i love it!

my grandmas birthday was yesterday, and i got her the 'butterfly' gift. inside it has two things, a soap, 'sultana of soap', and a body conditioner 'ro's argan'. they both smell really nice and aren't too overpowering.

i also got two testers, one in 'ocean salt' a very popular scrub, which i have heard great things about, and 'let the good times roll' face and body cleanser. they both smell amazing and i am excited to try them and maybe get the larger versions!

i hope you enjoyed this :) 
lots of love from avery huia xxx

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