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summer bucket list - avery huia

Monday, 14 September 2015


in new zealand we are just coming out of winter and getting ready for spring and soon summer! all of my friends and I are so excited for summer, and we are all planning some really fun things to do, and I thought that it would be really cool to share with you my summer bucket list! I have been on pinterest, and found some really cool ideas, and I have tried to keep them realistic, but if you like this type of post, I might do a bucket list for my whole life.

(left to right)

+ have a huge water balloon fight - this is so fun to do with friends, and when I think of this I imagine  huge buckets fill of balloons and then running around in coloured teams with friends on the golf course or a beach.

+ swim with dolphins - the place where I stay (Omaha), is right on the beach, and often when we are biking around, we see dolphins in the water, and I really want to swim with them!

+ go paddle boarding - this is so fun! I tried it last year and it was so cool and really challenging, but I loved it so much and want to do it again this year in the ocean, as last time it was in the estuary.

+ eat healthier - I tend to eat pretty healthy, but I love healthy food so much and I want to have as much of it as I can because it is so good for you! 

+ cliff jump - this is a risk that I want to take, and it looks so fun and the pictures would be amazing! I love jumping off the wharf and this is the next step up.

+ learn how to surf - I can't surf, and it looks so fun and is a really cool way to exercise. Lots of my friends can, and I would really like to learn.

+ jump off a waterfall - this looks so fun, and the photos would be amazing! It would be so cool to splash around in a waterfall and then jump off into a really pretty sort of grotto.

+ sleep under the stars - in Omaha, the skies are really clear and it would looks so pretty and magical lying down on the beach or in a backyard looking up at them.

+ take a risk - I want to take a risk during this summer, and do something I wouldn't do normally, instead of regretting it later. Something like jumping off a cliff, that will make a memory and give me something to remember!

I am so excited for this summer, and I really hope it is going to be a good one! At the end of summer I will update you and keep track of the things that I have completed and when. I hope you all have/have had a good summer! love from avery huia x

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