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5 Things That You Won't Regret Buying - Avery Huia

Sunday, 26 April 2015

hello there :)

when i was at the mall today with a friend, we were talking about things that were really worth having. i have come up with 5 things that i think are worth the money and i would like to share them with you :) 

the first thing wasn't very hard to think about, in fact, i ended up writing a whole post about it! it is the fudge hydrating hair mask and it is amazing! it hydrates, smoothes, shines and de-frizzes all in one treatment!

the second thing is my tangle teezer. this is by miles the best hairbrush i have ever used. it gets rid of knots and smoothes out your hair in a single stroke! it is very hardy, as i have had this for over 3 years and it has still got every bristly thingy and it looks nothing near three years old. 

the next things are my nike pro shorts. i really love these shorts because they are made of really good quality material and they feel so nice and comfy on. i wear these almost everyday and they are one of my best buys! 

i have also talked about this before in my key item four, and i love it to bits! it is my karen walker runaway girl necklace and one of the reasons i love it so much is because of its versatility. it goes with absolutely every outfit! it was a really special birthday present and i really treasure it. 

the last thing is an item from lush. it is the 'always look on the bright side' bubble bar. this smells absolutely amazing, and of oranges and lemons and everything citrusy! i have repurchased this and it is my favourite product from lush. 

i hope you all enjoyed this! 
lots of love from avery huia xxx

email: averyhuiasblog@gmail.com 

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