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Winter Knits - Avery Huia

Friday, 1 May 2015


down here in new zealand, it is starting to get a bit colder, and you can get away with layering up the knitted jumpers and scarves and beanies ect. i'm going to share with you a few of my favourite knit items, and ways you can style them! 

jumpers. i absolutely love jumpers and have way too many, but i think they can change your look so much, by adding a bit of colour, texture or just some warmth. i have picked out a couple that i really like, and want to show you.

this one is from esp by esprit, and it is very fluffy. it isn't a jumper that you would wear to protect yourself from wind and rain, but i really like the cut of it. it isn't too big, but is slightly oversized, which i love.

the second is from glassons and this isn't as big as the other, but still has that sort of material. it is black and white and quite geometric, it is a much loved item in my wardrobe as is so comfy and warm.

i really like styling knits with jeans, especially skinny ones. in the photo with the grey jumper, the jeans are from glassons, and i really love they way that they look together. i also love jumpers with accessories, like scarves and beanies, here a few of my favourites.

i have a circle scarf from cotton on, and it is navy blue and also knit material. it is so warm and easy to wear, and being navy blue, goes with anything. i love the way circle scarves sit, and like jumpers, add so much texture and also warmth! this is the third winter i have had this, and i very rarely go out without it.

lastly, i have a knit black beanie, you can get these absolutely anywhere, though this one if from h&m. i think if you style them right, you can make them look amazing, but it is very easy to ruin the look with one. i personally like beanies with my hair down and the brim of it rolled, and i think they look so cute and they put me in the mood for winter haha ;)

thank you so much for reading,
i hope you enjoyed! 
lots of love from avery huia xxx

p.s. i am so close to 2k views, and it would mean so much if you could maybe share this blog with some of your friends or family xxx thank you x

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