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diy potato stamp pillowcases! - avery huia

Friday, 24 July 2015


a few days ago, on pinterest my mum and i found this really cool pillowcase diy, and we thought it would be really fun to make, and they turned out really well! here is how we did it,  i hope you really enjoy making them.

the things we used were -
tulip slick fabric paint
black fabric paint
4 art brushes of different sizes
3 white pillowcases
3 potatoes, small medium and large

we chose to do a watermelon print, a pineapple one and a button one. my favourite was the button print, but they all look amazing! we first squirted out all of the colours on to a dish and then we cut the potatoes to the sizes. we cut one into a half circle for the watermelon, a oval for the pineapple, and we used a knife to make a cris cross pattern on it swell, and just a circle fro the buttons. 

for the watermelon, we put pink paint on the half circle potato and then stamped that on about 8-10 times in different places, adding a new layer of pink paint on every time. we then put a green line of paint around the half circle as the skin, and put black dots in as the seed. 

for the pineapple, we did he same with a yellow coat of paint on the oval, and put green strokes on top as the leaves, with black dots in-between the cris crosses. 

for the buttons, we put each colour of paint on and did 6 dots before changing to the next colour, and then put two black dots/lines in the middle as the holes. 

i love the way these ended up, and they are so easy and fun to make. i hope you enjoyed!

love from avery huia x

instagram - @averyhuiasblog

email - averyhuiasblog@gmail.com

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