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smoothie recipe! - avery huia

Thursday, 16 July 2015


a few months ago, my family bought a sunbeam smoothie blender, and we really love it, and i thought that you might want to make one of our favourite recipes! it is very quick and easy, and tastes delicious, and is also really healthy and filling.

these are the ingredients that i use, and the portions depend on how much you want, but i usually only make enough for one or two glasses. once you have all of these out, put them in your blender, and blend away! 

this recipe tastes so good, and is really healthy, and i love this. i usually have this for breakfast before school, and the oats and chia seeds, help make it balanced, and fuel you up for the day. 

p.s - it is one year since i started avery huia's blog! i have come so far, and i am so happy that i started it, and i am so thankful for those of you who keep returning and viewing! if you have any suggestions for posts etc, please leave a comment, they are much appreciated x

lots of love from avery huia x

email - averyhuiasblog@gmail.com
instagram - @averyhuiasblog 

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