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LUSH Christmas! - Avery Huia

Saturday, 28 November 2015


sorry about the late post - my computer has stopped working so it has been a very slow week!

today I have another Christmas post, that I couldn't resist for much longer! If any of you are lushies, Lush's christmas range is a big deal, and very exciting! I am in love with all of these products, and I hope that you find some products that you will too! these items would also be great for christmas gifts for friends!

 I have chosen 8 items that I love from the range, and they are all so different, but smell so good! 

picture a -                                                                picture b - 
(left to right, top to bottom)
a - bath bombs 
I have pictured above Intergalactic, which is only available in the Oxford St store in London, Yog Nog, Golden Wonder and Dashing Santa. 

+ intergalactic 
this is a very minty smelling bomb, and it is mainly blue but has colours too. this is covered in glitter and is quite big, and I can't wait to use this. I have seen tons of videos of this, and it looks so good! it is only available in gift packages in stores other than Oxford. 

+ yog nog 
this is a really interesting smelling bomb, but it has grown on me, and I quite like it! it is white and a creamish yellowy colour and it looks very pretty

+ golden wonder 
I have tried this before and it is amazing! it is in the shape of a present with a bow, and it such a pretty bath and little stars float at the end! it smells amazing aswell! 

+ dashing santa 
I haven't tried this before, but it is really cute, and is shaped like a little santa dashing around with his presents. It smells very citrusy and is a red colour.

b - miscellaneous 

+ santa's belly shower jelly
I love the Sweetie Pie shower jelly, and it is hard to top, but I think this might have done it! It is described as smelling like wine and red apples, and has little stars in the bottom. it acts as a semi solid shower jelly, and does exactly what that does, and you can re use it!

+ yog nog soap 
this is the same scent as the bath bomb, but in a soap. it is the same as your usual soap, but is very melt-y, so I imagine that it would be very moisturising.

+ candy mountain bubble bar
with this, you run it under the bath, and you can re use it by crumbling it, or use the whole thing to create mountains of bubbles! this smells really sweet, and is very sparkly and makes my baths amazing!

+ salt and peppermint bark
this is a scrub, and you rub it onto your body in the shower, and it is harsh, but after it is washed off, is super softening! I love this so much, and I think that it is my favourite out of the 8!

I love these products, and they have definitely contributed to me getting into the christmas spirit! they all smell so good, and there is a scent for everyone at Lush!  

lots of love, avery huia

email - averyhuiasblog@gmail.com
instagram - @averyhuiasblog

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