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Easy & Effective Ways to Decorate Your Room! - Avery Huia

Wednesday, 21 January 2015


Over the past few weeks I have been changing up my room a bit, and I thought that I should share some easy tips and tricks to giving your room a mini and inexpensive makeover!

If you have read my Room Tour post, (I suggest taking a look at it before you carry on with this) then you will have seen that my ben was against my wall and in a corner, and my bedside table wasn't actually at my bedside. Since my bed is the largest movable thing in my room, moving that would have lots of impact. I shifted it into the middle of my room, which I really like, and I then moved my table next to the bed. I got inspiration for decorating the top of the bedside from a youtube video by mylifeaseva and she had a DIY in the video. She created a inspiration frame to put somewhere where you could see it everyday. I went on pinterest and found a few quotes that I really loved and want to live by, and put them together on PicMonkey, and printed it out, put a coloured paper background on it and set it in a frame next to my bed.

On my desk, I have a pen and pencil holder, a SugarBaby hand cream, a file holder with a book by the store Superette and a really pretty card that I was given, along with a small notepad. I have a owl shaped piggy bank and a Rubix Cube to play with if I'm not doing anything. 

Above my bed I have some lanterns and paper flowers hanging from the roof and I think they make such a difference and I love them and they give a really nice feeling to the room! 

Lastly, above my desk I have two hanging pencil cups and I thought that they look really cool if the pencils were in the cups in hot and cold organisation. I think it is a fun and great way to stay organised!

Lots of Love, Avery Huia xxx

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