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Flight Carry On Essentials - Avery Huia

Saturday, 23 May 2015


as you may have noticed, i haven't been posting in the last couple of weeks, and that is because i have been in australia! i went over for my grandma's 80th, and i had a really fun time, and saw some really cool things and picked up a few pieces which will be in a future post!

here are a few things that i think are essential and will help you get through a flight; this was only a 4 hour flight, so not too long, and there are a few differences to a longer haul flight,but i think these items are important no matter how long the flight is.

in terms of body care, i have collected a hand cream, hand sanitiser, mascara, concealer, tinted lip balm and a regular lip balm. if you don't want to wear makeup, then you can take it out, but if you want just a little on, then i think this will be all you'll need. with body care, from experience, my hands get a bit dry on planes, and also, you never know who or what has touched the plane before you, and you want to stay on the safe side of that! i also find that my lips get quite dry, and this eos is sweet mint, so it will add some freshness to your breath as well keeping them moisturised. 

for clothing, i would suggest jeans and a comfy t shirt, but i think an essential is some sort of cardigan. i would recommend a cardigan or zip up over a pull over because i think that they are far easier to put on and off, and an oversized one like this can double as a blanket or pillow. 

i hope you enjoyed!
lots of love from avery huia xxx

email: averyhuiasblog@gmail.com

p.s: i will be trying to post twice a week from now on :) xxx

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