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Easy Christmas Baking! - Avery Huia

Tuesday, 22 December 2015


as it is the time for christmas celebrations and parties, i thought that it would be fitting to do a post on some super yummy and easy recipes to share with friends and family or steal all for yourself! these two recipes are super christmassy and delicious!

the first one is white chocolate peppermint bark, and i have never tried this before, but it turned out great and would be a great last minute plate to take to a party!

you will need -
+ white chocolate baking buttons
+ candy canes

first, melt your chocolate in a microwave safe bowl or in a pan on the stove. I used the microwave, and melted the chocolate in lots of 20 seconds, then taking it out to stir, and put back in for another 20 minutes until it was smooth and a liquid consistency. I then put it in a baking tray, with baking paper inside it, and poured and smoothed it in.

you can then unwrap your candy canes, and start to break them up into little pieces, about a few centimetres long. put the little pieces in a plastic zip lock bag and then use something hard like a wooden spoon to crush them up into smaller pieces. once you have them at your preferred size, sprinkle them over the melted chocolate, and put in the fridge for an hour or so, until it is solid.

the next recipe is brownie christmas trees! these are supper yummy and look so cute! these take slightly longer to make than the peppermint bark, but look and taste even more amazing!

you will need -
+ brownie mix & additional wet ingredients (advised on mix packet)
+ candy canes
+ sprinkles
for icing -
+ a tiny bit of butter (on the tip of a spoon)
+ a few drops of water
+ 1 cup of sifted icing sugar
+ green food colouring

firstly, follow and make your brownie with he instructions that come on the packet mix. add the wet ingredients and bake for the suggested time. for the mix that I used, I added two large eggs, and 125g of butter and baked for 28 minutes (for an extra fudgy brownie).

once they are done, leave them to cool on a drying rack, and then cut the pieces into triangles (don't worry if they are uneven).  make the icing by mixing all of the ingredients until you get a wet consistency. then drizzle over the top of the brownies, in whatever shape you like, I did it randomly, but you can do it in a zig zag going down to make it more precise. after that, you can add sprinkles which will acts as baubles or decorations on the tree!

both of these treats are super cute and delicious! they are so easy to make, and would be great for parties! i hope you enjoy making and eating these! merry christmas and a happy new year, love from avery huia x

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